Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews


Movie Reviews are like opinions and after all, you will read what other people thought of it. In most cases, you can see that ratings appear in stars. You generally rate a movie 1 to five stars with one being inadequate and five getting superb (at times they only use 4 stars for the prime posture, either way, you get the concept).

Is that the best way to decide what film to watch? I find that most of the time I disagree with ratings for a specific movie. There was a popular movie i watched called The Hangover that was about 3 guys on a bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas. Everyone said how “hysterically amusing” it was, I thought otherwise.

Probably it was for the reason that of all the hype, but I have to say that I did not like the movie at all. I find often when I count on someone Else’s viewpoint of what is fantastic and what just isn’t.

I do find theĀ  movie’s ratings to be help while trying to decide if the movie is worth watching with my family. What I indicate by that is that I hate a great deal of gore in a motion picture. I do not like watch violence but I can do without all the boring movies as well, thank you very much.

So, I look for movie reviews that help me find movies that are safe to watch with my family. Definitely, with some of the motion pictures are great movies but i just do not want my children to be scared of the violence or gore. These are often westerns, war movies or gangster movies, although I am not saying all of them are bad. To me, it is important that every member of my family can enjoy the movie and have fun while we spend quality family time.

And that is why I like to read movie reviews. Other than that I will not really care a large amount about a critique until they are from another person who I know has related tastes in movies as I do. In that case i can trust what the author is saying about the movie.

You should not rely on only one movie review… but at the same time you do not want to miss out on a good movie because one person gave it a bad review. Just use the movie reviews as a second opinion of what right for your family to watch and after all, it is the family time that counts.

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